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What you install is not only a gap leak-proof plug, but also a safety guarantee.


Don’t Drop and Drive!

80% of all accidents occur when you take your eyes off the road for 3 seconds or less!

Distracting Driving is now the #1 cause of all accidents and deaths on the road.

Distracted Driving Drop Stop Eyes

Blocking the Gap!

Prevents keys, phones, change, jewelry, make-up, bottle caps, pens, gum and more from falling down the gap.

Work with any vehicle that has the configuration of a seat and center console with a gap in between.

Install Over Seat Belt Catch Drop Stop

 Wide Application!

It does not affect the normal adjustment of the seat and is suitable for 99% of the models.

Fill gaps to prevent items from falling.

Perfect Size!

Reserved holes do not affect the use of seat belts.

It is stuck in the seat gap, which can reduce the abnormal noise caused by the left and right shaking of the seat.

The thickness is full and elastic, and it can perfectly match the car after installation.



High Duty: Made of premium soft polyurethane. Hand stitching, exquisite workmanship, anti-scratch, wear resistance, and easy to clean.

Package included: 2* car seat gap fillers (for driver and co-driver), Ideal gift on holiday, Christmas, birthday etc.


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