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Halloween is coming, don’t forget to put on Halloween costumes for your pet dog

🐶This costume fits almost all cats and small dogs such as Yorkies,Chihuahuas,

Pomeranians,Maltese,Papillons,Norfolk Tettier,Pomeranian,Pekingese,Toy poodle,French Bulldog.

🎃Scare the kids half to death with this dog/cat spider costume!🎃

 Are you looking for a scary while funny pet costume for Halloween?

 This Spider Costume makes the perfect fit for your dog/cat to scare those trick or treat kids!🤣

🎃Prank Your Friends

This dog/cat costume will give you the chance to prank your friends(those who scare the spider will be the best target)

and make them think there’s a scary giant spider around! Don’t forget to get out your phone so you don’t miss the shot.

🎃Fool Your Pets

Enjoy the hilarious moments your pet could give to you wearing this spider!

🎃Feature Premium Quality

This breathable costume is made of  premium quality polyester that won’t harm your dog’s skin or cause any limping or confusion while walking!

🎃Suitable for cats and dogs!



S:7.9*12.6*1.18 Inches

M:7.9*14.96*1.18 Inches

🎃Turn your lovely pet to an eight-leg monster!Scariest Halloween ever!

Product details :

Shipping Weight: 7 ounces

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