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Get a tender cut of meat grill-ready in no time!

Quick Pin Meat Tenderizer breaks down the rubber-like elastic fibers with multiple stainless steel knife blades to tenderize any meat.

Easy to use for mouth-watering steaks!

Designed with 20 razor sharp steel pine needle-shaped knife blades, it cuts through the toughest connective tissues of meats to facilitate marination and seasoning. Convert a regular steak to an extra juicy quality meat!

Made of 100% food-safe 304-grade stainless steel and food-grade ABS, it guarantees food safety and high durability.

Simply give the meat a few presses to cut down long food prep time by 40%!


PRO TENDERIZER: Quickly cuts through rubber-like elastic fibers to tenderize any meat with professional result.

RAZOR SHARP: Includes 20 needle-shaped knife blades for fast food prepping.

EASY TO USE: Simply press on meat for several times to soften any tough parts. 100% labor saving.

FAST COOKING: Increases the absorption rate of marinade and reduces cooking time by up to 40% and help to keep the original taste and flavour.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of 100% food-safe 304-grade stainless steel and food-grade ABS that last for a lifetime.

NON-SLIP: Long and non-slip handle that is easy to hold and control without slipping off your hands.

HIGH SAFETY: Hidden blades that will only deploy while you press it into meat. Automatically retract when you lift for safety.


Color: Black / White

Material: Stainless steel and food-grade ABS


1 x Quick Pin Press Meat Tenderizer

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