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6 Pieces Per Top-A six-sided toothbrush equals 6 common toothbrushes, which is effective, economical, and practical.

Multidimensional Scientific Nursing-The toothbrush is designed with six-sided bristles to wrap the upper and lower teeth. which is fast and efficient. It can Deap clean the inner and outer sides of the teeth, leaving no residue on each surface of the teeth.

Deep Cleaning “Sanitary Dead Angle”-Common toothbrushes can only brush one side, six-sided toothbrush is a common toothbrush six times the cleaning efficiency, easily wrap the upper and lower teeth, thoroughly clean the inner and outer sides of the teeth, clean and meticulous.

Protect Your teeth Massage Your Gums-According to the arrangement of human teeth, this CC are care toothbrush is designed to effectively remove dental plaque, clean oral cavity, fully protect and clean teeth, and at the same time, it can also play the role of gums massage.

Start with CC toothbrush care to give young people a good toothbrush-Use US DuPont bristles, neither too hard nor too soft, and the top of the bristles is rounded to avoid fraying the gums. Curved bristle design fits the tooth surface, and the long bristle at both ends can go deep into the blind area of tooth brushing, such as tooth decay, tooth gap, etc, and clean the teeth in multiple directions.

Get rid of bad breath Give you freshness

Oral diseases such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, necrotic oral cavity

Oral necrosis caused by disease and cancer. The main cause is

Inadequate brushing of the teeth is not complete, which causes the spaces and waste to be digested by saliva

Forms bad breath. Use the CC care toothbrush to brush your teeth in all directions with no dead ends

360 ° leaves no residue in space

Technical specs:

· Product name: CC Nursing Toothbrush

· Product Specifications: Single Pack

· People who use it: bad breath, oral problems, inner tartar, smoke stains, tea stains, coffee stains

· Toothbrush color: white, gray, black

· Toothbrush type: six groups of bristles, wrapped on six sides

· Efficacy: remove dental plaque, effectively clean the mouth, teeth and gums, and massage the gums

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