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Are Plastic Pegs Part Of Your Laundry Equipment?


If so you would be familiar with the reoccurring shattering of pegs. How many times has that happened? We lost count too! Since plastic pegs are the most dominant, many don’t realize what stainless steel ones bring to the table. Let’s just say they put an end to you ever needing to buy pegs again!

With a custom design built by years of testing, we’ve figured out how to create the pegs that literally last for life.


Meaning you don’t need to re-buy them every few months because these just don’t break.

As these pegs last for life, you are also playing your part for the environment. Avoiding increasing unnecessary plastic pollution. Now Earth-Conscious buyers can make plastic waste a thing of the past with our Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Eternity Clothes Pegs!


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These pegs are made with Australia’s climate in mind. Thanks to their lifetime lasting stainless steel composition, our pegs do not break or get hot under any weather environment – even in the heaviest coastal salt environments.

We believe pegs need to do their job efficiently and consistently, so these pegs are designed to assure the best performance. Our peg sizes are 6cm in length and 1.5cm in width. Furthermore, the size of our pegs means they will never get too hot to touch in the sun due to their heat-resistant qualities, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

Very Powerful Grip

Your clothes will be locked in place, no more slipping and liding

Eco Friendly

No plastic pollution – start doing our part

Suitable For Any Environment

Use these pegs both inside and outside against any climate

304 – Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel

Never breaking stainless steel, built to last a lifetime

Saves You $100’s Annually

Make this your last pegs purchase ever

Australian Owned

Eco Start is 100% Aussie owned and operated


The Alarming Impact Of Plastic Revealed


Did you know that the remains of shattered plastic pegs end up in waterways and landfills, ultimately destroying the environment? Plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year from these shattered plastic pieces. In fact more than 90% of all birds and fish are believed to have plastic particles in their stomachs. Subsequently, plastic is being found in more than 60% of all seabirds and 100% of sea turtle species. Imagine eating plastic? Well maybe you have! Not only does plastic have life-threatening effects on wildlife but humans too as this plastic eventually ends up being digested by humans.

By shopping Stainless Steel Eternity Pegs, you’re quite literally helping the environment and contributing to saving it by reducing the amount of microplastics that are eating the Earth alive! Not to mention, the benefits in it for you are quite unmatchable as well! It’s a win-win situation.

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